Pseudonym Etymology.

  • [color=#8800ff]Hello all One of the little things i like to ponder is the etymology of community member pseudonyms, or, if you prefer, the backstory to how & why people came up with their choice of online nick-names. When i see them here in members' posts, some are instantly amusing, some are literary references, some are tech references, & some are very cryptic [almost like random alphanumericals, but i'm sure many are not at all but actually carefully chosen]. I thought it might make for some entertaining & informative reading if members might be willing to post some of their Pseudonym Etymology... BUT... i certainly realise that many of these are used expressly for anonymity & sometimes personal security, so i'd like to clarify that in no way am i trying to jeopardise those sacrosanct values. If some people might post their explanations, in a way entirely comfortable to them, it might be very interesting for others to comprehend & learn. I can't lead by example... my posts here are under my actual name... very boring![/color] :blink:

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    Mine's a pun, of course. It's what I do. I spy. I investigate things. Back in 1996 almost 20 years to the day, when I was joining the Netscape Community, I tried to pick the puntastic username eyespy, but of course it was taken. I settled on ayespy, and I have been ayespy, everywhere, ever since.

  • I'm used to solve problems using a bit of lateral thinking, so I thought to use Mc Gyver or Wolf as nickname, but they are abused and not unique.

    So I decided to use The Solutor as a purposely misspelled version of The Solver.

    Anyway I think that outside UK and US no one has ever realized that "Solutor" is not an English word :lol:

  • Mine may seem cryptic, but isn't really :dry:

    It's my initials TB
    I'm British GB
    Working in Belgium at the time of creation Be

    And, when spoken, it rhymes :cheer:

  • Thank you three. Most informative, & confirmation of my assumption that [when users are willing to divulge] the pseudonym back-stories likely provide an interesting & illuminating insight into snippets of peoples' lives, interests & psychology. I like that.

  • hello steffie and hello cryptographers
    My whimsical, imaginative musings entertain us better than the explanations.! It is in our nature to reflect on and preponderate account noms. To discuss the capricious possibilities of applied meaning, acronymy and translation from all the idiomotic languages for persons like Solutor, steffie, TbGbe and myself who like to make up words can be funteresting and limitless. Moreover it could be incorrect and lack sensitivity; then there go the fun out of it. Yes i like to predict if sparky will become boisterous chronic complainant or if Blies will tell the truth. ?. Me too.. My actual name is steffie too.! i relinquish; make that steffie2. or lori1. or keri1. or richie2. or barry. or i.B._ri! right now.

    In appreciation of the query i react with response appropriate.
    i_ri have interest in reviving the word ri = to smile. Remember that laugh and smile are genuine uncontrolled reaction; to something not always funny it can be a reaction to frivolous or ridiculous discomfiture. Then there is the contrived smile. Then there is acceptance to put on of a countenance or visage of happiness , that not from genuine reaction. The sound of ri is in many languages, but it does not always appear as ri. Some languages genderise ri. The letters i and r playfully reversed culturally or locally or classically spawn understanding its depth of meaning (similarly some language on a larger scale reverse verb/subject) or are demonstrative of the opposite response to input; startled, got his ire up. Exchange of sounds after the r may indicate lack of conclusion. Befitting happiness a clutter of sounds (become letters) indicate the happy sounds included with extended, embellished tittering around ri. Throughout linguistics ri imparts: to cause or offer smile, a reaction indicating happiness or vulnerability. ri belongs in the American dictionary. If one inquire about languages minus a ri sound, then respondently is offered that a smile is silent; it[ri] is in all languages. Happy and Laughter sounds are fairly universal. How can a proposal advance without a smile accompany it? Inside the community do look for questions that come with a smile. Absent the thought of reflex The smiley is a good definition of surface ri these days. 🙂 The ri emoji.

    We have long toyed with ri. A_ri not smile is angry. g_ri I agree. c_ri cry, seriously. d_ri deary or dreary. e_ri reserve of delay reaction while observing surrounds. h_ri harmony. ri just seems to build a reflex or a smile into words. Try it in the languages you practice. to be Not n_ri is disallowed as a double-negative. p_ri peace, prize, surprise. w_ri weary without smile. riri is big laugh. r_ri is to laugh at one's own joke. Pseudo and quasi the i_ri and let me know what you come up with. I think there is a place in the American dictionary for the word ri. All the other languages may use it too. The ancient ri is universally known, but not in the dictionary. Just silly me. I am no expert linguist. By my preceding rules use of expert would be commonly snide. For the cartoon bubble it is as condensed as the ha ha ri ri ri.
    When e.e.cummings wrote "The World's entire existence revolves around the conjugation of the verb: to be." did he realize that he was expounding on ri?
    ViValdi is resolve to revision to revive and reiterate a previous verified favorite browser.
    V_ri an honest albeit deep emotion of temporary condition, depart smiling.

    ri. 2016
    We know a preacher; his name is Orlie, really.
    solutor to wet. bartender. to drench. . ri
    . trial. tribe. expatriate. There in the middle of the drink. irritate.
    Term of input information gathering comes irri that circular inner quandary instinctual iota or extended worry of time advance of derived outcome (preferred or not) bringing derision or respect.
    Central ri is essential for agreement and for contract.

  • Mine was, and still is, the name of my blog, which used to be a repository for the flash fiction pieces I wrote when I was more active on Google+. Most of those pieces were the result of writing exercises from fellow users and community pages that usually appeared in the form of a picture, scene, or introductory text. While writing them out, that name just popped into my head and it stuck with me ever since.

    From there, it speaks for itself.

  • I think it's self-explanatory.

  • hello Miss Steffie and everyone
    hello ugly, no not obvious. You have not been writing ugly things in your posts? :side:

  • Well spoken i_ri !! 🙂

    How could anyone wise & lovely enough to recently wend their way into the magical Linux multiverse possibly be ugly? It's just infeasible 😛

  • My name is Ryszard.

  • I don't even remember when this was, but I chose DarkWiiPlayer as a secondary username for something irrelevant to make fun of the fact that everyone* had dark or black or something similar in their name, and mixing it with something absurd as the name of a nintendo console. People started knowing me by that name and it ended up sticking, so I just kept it and accepted my fate.

    *by everyone I mostly mean kids under the age of 14 that just discovered what an internet is and probably watched too much naruto.

  • @DarkWiiPlayer

    It's nice that my thread is still catching occasional interest, & i still enjoy everyone's stories. Cool.

  • @Steffie I had the song "In the year 2525" stuck in my head when I was setting up my first mac I was using some ten years or so ago, hence the MacUser2525 which is my account name as well on all my machines.

  • Mine's nothing extraordinary or fantastic, but when I first signed up for YouTube like 7 years ago, I tried using my initials, DJP, as my username. It was already taken, and I didn't like the idea of having something like DJP2345 or some random set of numbers at the end of my username. I wanted something easy and unique. I just put zeros in between each letter and it came out as D0J0P. If you sound it out as O's instead of 0's, it sounds like Dojop, which I thought was kinda cool and funny. I picked that name for every website ever since, as it's never taken.

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    The etymology of the word lamarca means 'the mark' in Italian. My nick is a tribute to a man who deserted the corrupted brazilian army, took several weapons with him and joined the revolutionary guerrilla. His end everyone knows. Forty-five years after his death, Carlos Lamarca remains a taboo in Brasil.

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    The ethymology of Gwen-Dragon is the same as GwenDragon (is my Internet since years and aeons).
    Gwen is a short form of Gwendolyn, a welsh female prename, spiritual meaning of: white circle, moon or white flower.
    and Dragon, as s strong and mythical being from ancient times.

    I like fantasy and SF.

  • My pseudonym is from Semitic languages. It's from Hebrew word, that means "fiery" (but I'm not fiery, I'm very calm person). I heared word "Seraph" (maybe in my real life) and I like it from past to future. I don't know why I chose this nickname, but for me it's perfect :).

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    I was running a second nick here for tests only.
    It is dads-beef which is comes from "Dad's Beef" and the old UNIX computer joke's number 0xDEADBEEF. Just a joke nick as you see 🙂


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