Randomly duplicating tabs

  • When I click a link using the middle button (which is a standard action to open the link in a new tab) sometimes, completely at random, it can open between one and FOUR of the same page for whatever reason. It happens completely randomly, but never twice in a row. It's an annoying bug thats been around since I started using Vivaldi, it would be really nice if it could be fixed 🙂 P.S. I should mention I only use the VERTICAL tab panel (so sexy). Anyone else have this issue? Thanks!

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    The middle button on my mouse does that. I tried another mouse, and it DOESN'T do it. Ever. It think it's caused by an intermittent contact in the button, combined with a no-delay reaction in the browser. If the browser had a tiny delay built in, the effect would probably vanish, even with sketchy button contacts. I still use my regular mouse because the scroll action on the other one has a mushy feel to it.

  • Hey Aye thanks for the reply. It might be an issue of how the mouse sends the signal, but I don't think this is the case here. I did very small sample test just now using links on the forum.

    Normal clicks (around 0.5s)
    1. 1 Tab open
    2. 1 Tab open
    3. 2 Tabs open
    4. 1 Tab open
    5. 3 Tabs open

    Long clicks (3seconds held)
    1. 2 Tabs open
    2. 2 Tabs open
    3. 1 Tab open
    4. 2 Tabs open
    5. 2 Tabs open

    I feel silly doing experiments like this, but i really want this fixed, Vivaldi is awesome, but stuff like this gets in the way of productivity. It definitely only happens with the middle button, but the amount of tabs seem to be completely random regardless of click held time. Perhaps its just an issue with the vertical tabs panel? Hope this helps.

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    Your results are exactly the same as mine when I experimented. When I changed to another mouse, it stopped happening. It was not POSSIBLE, no matter what I did, to create multiple tabs.

    I reasoned that the only difference could be positive or intermittent middle button contact.

    A small delay of a few milliseconds built into the new tab creation protocol would cure that. A flaky middle mouse button would still create only a single tab.


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