Keyboard-Focus not in tab after changing tabs via keyboard

  • I would like to suggest an improvment to usability: When I change from one tab to another wit the keyboard-shortcuts 1,2,3,4 the focus is somewere in the vivaldi-window. (Same behavoiur when closing a tab with strg+w) Ideally the focus should be [b]in [/b] the tab (the website). Then I could use the space-bar to scroll down. As a keyboard-lover it is always an annoyance to have to click in the page and only after that I can use the keyboard.

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    I reported this issue in the blog but then could not reproduce it. Do you have the Find toolbar open in one of those tabs?

    Pesala 3 days ago
    I noticed that if I close another tab, then hit the Home or End keys, they don't work unless I first click on the page to give it focus.

    Is this a known bug?
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    Christoph142 2 days ago
    It works for me on Win10. What's your OS?
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    Pesala 1 day ago
    Windows 7 64-bit .

    Maybe the Find Toolbar had focus, which was causing this problem.

  • No, there is no Find-Toolbar open.
    Vivaldi 32bit on Win7 64bit.

  • I can confirm this and add that I actually never have focus in any of my tabs that have something going on in them. Any keyboard shortcuts and button presses are applied both to Vivaldi and to the page, and I have no way of telling Vivaldi to ignore my button presses to just get the website to react.

    Tried in the Roll20 editor app, on Google Documents, Google Forms, YouTube, and random websites.

    Version 1.3.534.3, 32-bit
    Windows 7, 64-bit


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