Sync - temporary workaround - Dropbox

  • While Sync is being worked on, can you let us specify settings location for config so we can at least dropbox between machines

  • A potential issue with this idea is that some parts of configuration might need to be installation-specific (e.g. settings that refer to paths and OS), so it would have to be broken down into configurable paths either for individual settings components or a configurable path for just those components that have no system-specific aspects.

    Moreover, with such a workaround scheme, there could easily be consistency/concurrency issues – if a file gets edited by two installations that have it open during overlapping time spans, you could wind up with what Dropbox refers to as a conflicted copy, since there's no file locking. A dedicated synchronization mechanism has to deal with such conflicts using some sort of database-reconciling process. It's not trivial.


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