Search Engines on its own panel

  • Being a power user of SEs and Alias, can we please have the SEs appear on their own panel and accessible with shortcut ? Right now, the URL for search makes the panel hang. Thanks !

  • Moderator

    I have a search engine panel in Opera, but never used it. I have no idea why anyone needs this. If I search via the search panel, the results still appear in a new tab, not in the panel.

    Please explain what you would do with it?

    In Vivaldi, I add a search, assign a keyword, then use it in the address bar. If I need to edit or remove a search engine, I go into Settings.

  • Ah - I should have been more clear - I meant panel to EDIT SEs. But no biggie, as I can always have it as a tab.
    But still , it IS a bug if we can do something to make the browse hang.

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