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  • until sync has been ironed out, please give us away to Ex/Im settings Its wonderful that you give us so many options..dont wanna repeat it on all my machines

  • Yes .This is really a vital feature (more so than sync) At least, if you can export settings, and import them to another installation, you have a way to recover from crashes, etc. On My Opera, this was one of the longest standing (over ten years) and most frequently requested feature requests, but the standard answer was just backup your profile. However, novice users don't even know how to find that, let alone which files need to be backed up.

    PDF-XChange makes it dead simple.


  • "However, novice users don't even know how to find that, let alone which files need to be backed up."

    So which files are they ??

    Until yesterday, I thought copying User Data would do the trick, after someone said copy Default folder
    After I did this the second time, (User Data) I can see the extensions but they remain grayed out, and are not included/installed in target browser.
    SO basically it is not ready for prime time yet, will just have to wait for sync.
    I hope they dont make the FF mistake of not sync'ing keywords (Alias/Nickname here)…stupid FF sync made ALL my keywords disappear so I ditched it and never looked back. If they can release something into production without adequate testing, it doesnt speak very well for what could happen next.

  • Do I take that to mean that if we manually reinstall any extensions added to Vilvadi, and copy the %LOCALAPPDATA%\Vivaldi\User Data folder, we can recover a previous configuration and have things work as expected?

    I would also like a built-in way to backup and recover configuration settings. Particularly as I am learning, making changes, observing the results and wanting to revert to a known working state. I'm also doing this on a Windows 10 testbed, where once I'm done I will revert the whole system back to a clean slate and reinstall all apps and configurations before taking a pristine backup.

  • The only "solution" I found was to install chromium on the side and keep using it to transfer things like custom search engines. Also using xmark, but it's all but seamless

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    @steje: Essentially, yes - but you need to do it in the other order. First, you would want to export any passwords you are storing in the browser, so you can import them again after the restore. Then you would safe off the Default folder somewhere. When you reinstall/restore or move to another computer or another install, you would move in the backed-up Default folder FIRST, and then install any extensions and re-import your passwords.


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