Search engine export

  • Until sync has been ironed out, please give us a way to export/import search engines. You have gone a step ahead of crappy Chrome by allowing Alias, but please have this in bookmarks (like FF) or at least externalized. Those of us fed up of Firefox (even now loses keywords during sync) and Chrome (keywords are search engines :() issues look up to Vivaldi to improve this. My very reason to ditch Slimjet for Vivaldi was that SJ was still auto-adding SEs as in Chrome. Once developers think they are greater then thou and force features on us, it is time to turn back.

  • Moderator

    Just one option to export all settings, including search engines, keyboard shortcuts, tab preferences, etc., is all that is needed.

  • +1 i got 3 PC, i've finished to configurate the first one… and now i would copy the search engine to the other one... but is there yet a solution for it ?


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