Uninstall Extensions

  • Please give an option to right click on extension icon on toolbar Chrome style. Vivaldi needs to enhance options found in Chrome, not the other way around.

  • Moderator

    I don't know what's so hard about opening the extensions tab. Ctrl + Shift + E is all it takes.

  • While we dont need an education on how to uninstall, I was pointing to the fact that ease-of-use options should not be reduced.

  • Short-cuts are very good (if you remember them). I think it is a questions of GUI and design. I have seen that Vivaldi like their short cuts. For a user who spends most of his time in Vivaldi you will quickly pick up most of them. From a user point of view - it is very easy to remember that I can "right click on everything", and access what I want. A few more clicks, not as fast, but I get done what I want.

    Just my comments. I got no preference. But I would say the "right-click" option saves me time when I can remember the short-cut.


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