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  • Hello Can you make sync bookmarks in Vavaldi browser? i need this feature.

  • @teslamodel:

    Can you make sync bookmarks in Vivaldi browser?
    I need this feature.

    It has been frequently requested, but it is not a simple thing to implement. You will need to be patient.

    Maybe next year, rather than next month. I read somewhere that Email won't be ready until version 2.0 later in the year. That's not to say than sync is not being worked on too, just that big features require a lot of testing before they should be released, even in Snapshots, let alone in final versions. No one wants to destroy their personal data due to features being too flaky on release.

  • Hi

    I agree that this feature of being able to sync bookmarks is very important, the sooner the better.

    Besides for that, Vivaldi is without doubt the fastest browser available today as well as being extremely reliable and consistent.

    Thanks for the hard work in providing everyone this amazing tool

  • The only thing still keeping me on Chrome is the Sync feature. Sure, I can migrate to Maxthon, Firefox, Opera, but they aren't any better than Chrome anyways, so I think this feature should be a priority to bring in more users on Vivaldi.

    More users mean more feedback, more feedback means improved browser quality.

    Adding e-mail client is fine, I don't use such a feature, so I don't really mind it at all, but I don't think this one should be the priority. The priorities should be Sync and overall optimization, as Vivaldi really takes long to start, even from a warm start.

  • You can sync your bookmarks manually by exporting them from the Vivaldi browser on your first device; posting the html file to yourself and then downloading it and importing it into the Vivaldi browser on your second device.

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