Cmd-N does not create new window when all windows are minimized (1.3.501.6)

  • Running 1.3.501.6 (Developer Build) (64-bit) OS X 10.10.5 If there are no active windows, Cmd-N does not create a new window. (i.e. I minimize all Vivaldi windows yet keep Vivaldi as the active application, or have all windows minimized and Cmd-Tab to Vivaldi from another application.) Whats more, if I choose File->"New Window" the most recently minimized window is restored, then a new empty window is created in front of it.

  • same problem on V1.2.490.39 and OS X 10.9.5

  • Confirming issue persists in v1.3.519.25 (Developer Build) (64-bit) OS X 10.10.5

  • Confirming issue persists in v1.3.544.25 (Developer Build) (64-bit) OS X 10.10.5

  • Confirming issue persists in v1.3.551.17 (Developer Build) (64-bit) OS X 10.10.5

    One other person confirmed this issue in this thread, and i've troubleshot it quite a bit on my end to no avail. Could we please get a confirmation this is a known issue that will be addressed? Really is an obnoxious bug thats keeping me from using Vivaldi as my primary browser.

  • Moderator

    Did you file a bug at the bugreport page?

    If not, then it's not in the developers' books to address.


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