Bug report: Window menu is picking its items before it should

  • If the Window menu comes big enough to fill the screen vertically, then going to it using the mouse, it will automatically pick its subitem that coincides in position with the mouse pointer.

  • Oh, that explains why it functioned like a "fullscreen" button for me. Keeping the mouse button pressed allows opening the menu.

    The menu doesn't behave as it should in several places; the open menu doesn't follow the mouse cursor (while it works in every other program), and you can't switch the drop down menu with the left or right cursor keys (while it works in every other program). Already reported these ages ago, but still not fixed.

  • I do not understand why this issue isn't fixed yet. It has been going on for a long time now and it's really annoying. So please make the (main) menu following the mouse pointer here as it's usual in other windows apllications as well.

    Really thank you very much in advance! :unsure:


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