Bug: duplicate bookmarks

  • Whenever I save a bookmark, there are two entries saved. My version is up to date. Vivaldi 1.3.501.6 (Developer Build) (64-bit) Revision 913448ac42b4b8bda5aa5fb7e76cbff365453b40 OS Windows Blink 537.36 (@913448ac42b4b8bda5aa5fb7e76cbff365453b40) JavaScript V8 Flash

  • I have to agree if you hit [ENTER]. Reported as BUG with VB-14486 in march.

    My personal Workaround:

    • Use the mouse and click on "Save" –> You will get one bookmark (annoying for a keyboard user)

    Please write a bug report to push the problem.

    Windows 7 Pro - Viavaldi Standalone 1.3.501.6 (Entwickler-Build) (32-Bit)


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