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  • are you guys working on an automatic web page translater

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    are you guys working on an automatic web page translator

    I don't know what the developers are working on, apart from the Email client and Drag & Drop support, plus the usual bug fixes.

    I am happy with using a Google Translator in a panel.

    I guess there are already extensions that could do this?

  • What I use for page translation works in all browsers: It's a bookmarklet that you can add to your bookmarks bar or bookmarks panel. It consists of some JavaScript that you insert instead of a URL in a new bookmark, which you can then name whatever you want. Even though it's in the form of a bookmark, it does not bring up a new page, but stays on whatever page you're reading and translates it. It works really well, and eliminates the need for a special app or extension. You'll find the complete instructions here:


    Hope that helps!


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