Gmail performance issues, specifically wrt labels

  • No denying that Gmail is a heavyweight app. But it surely should be the best it can be running on chromium... However I notice significant differences between Vivaldi and Chrome - that's when Gmail is working, see [url=]this issue[/url]. I make extensive use of Gmail labels to classify and manage my inbox down to near zero. A very common workflow for me is to highlight one or more messages in the inbox view using keyboard shortcuts 'j' / 'k' & 'x', then move them all to a label by hitting 'v' and typing the first few letters of the label name. But in Vivaldi, there's a significant lag between hitting 'v' and the list of available labels being displayed, with the keyboard focus moved to the search box. So I start typing and my keystrokes are missed (or worse interpreted as other keyboard shortcuts) before Vivaldi catches up. I just ran some tests side by side with Chrome, and without doing it very scientifically, I see a lag on shoring the label list after hitting v ranging from imperceptible to 0.5s in Chrome, versus 0.5s to 3s in Vivaldi. It could be caching perhaps, as I've found that after doing this test 5 or 6 times, performance in V increases to the point where it's close to as fast as Chrome. But to begin with, it's many many times slower. Anyone else noticed this? Lag and the logout problem linked above are close to pushing me back to Chrome - just losing too much time through the day sadly...

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