Back Button Not Working (Youtube)

  • While watching a second Youtube video (from original video) the Back button doesn't work.

  • I was unable to reproduce this from the end of this video I clicked on the forward arrow and opened the next video, then the back button worked to reload the first video.

    Please provide a link to a video that is giving you trouble.
    Vivaldi 1.3 32-bit on Windows 64-bit

  • The second video was from one of the links provided by Youtube on the right side, hard to say if it can be readily reproduced.

    I also saw the back button active in the start page (another time), there was nothing to go back to.

    32-bit, latest snapshot

  • Trying to replicate the bug, realized that the bug could have been what happened to the Start Page, the back button appeared white (active), but there was no page to go back to.

  • I can confirm it is a bug, when middle-clicking a link, the new tab's back button appears active (white).

    The back button can be disabled by placing the cursor above it.

    It doesn't always happen, but I was able to reproduce it enough times.


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