Taskbar affected when Vivaldi maximised

  • Vivaldi 1.2.490.39 () (32-bit) Revision 913448ac42b4b8bda5aa5fb7e76cbff365453b40 OS Windows Blink 537.36 (@913448ac42b4b8bda5aa5fb7e76cbff365453b40) JavaScript V8 Flash I have my autohide taskbar at the top and when Vivaldi is maximised, it remains hidden and I have to hit the Windows key to show it. It then behaves erratically and I have to make multiple attempts to click on an icon. I tried recording this with Snagit, but perhaps because of that, it worked fine - bloody Heisenberg! 😉

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    A known issue that I reported before. I think it happens after using Vivaldi in Fullscreen, not just maximised.

    (VB-17670) Vivaldi Breaks Autohide of the Windows Taskbar

  • Just disable the native windows mode, until the bug will be fixed

  • Disabling Use Native Window doesn't help and it has nothing to do with fullscreen. It's just a gremlin from the past, which reappeared in 1.2.


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