Involuntary Gmail Sign Out and Cookie Deletion

  • Every few days I am involuntarily signed out of gmail. Every third occasion (or so) Google advises me to dump all the browser cookies and try again. It works, but it is an annoying experience. Is there a particular cookie culprit at work here or a general problem with how gmail and Vivaldi (don't) get along? Browser extensions include MightyText, Boomerang, LastPass, AdBlock, Google Voice. MacBook Pro running El Capitan 10.11.5

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    Hard to say. That experience is unobserved here. I'm using Vivaldi 1.3.501.6, 32-bit version on Win 10 X64, continuously updated/upgraded for many, many versions, and such cookie problems do not appear.

    My cookies perform as expected.

  • I'm seeing the exact same thing, increasingly frequent. Often I will click on, say, a label in Gmail, and the entire page is reloaded as if I had only just navigated to Gmail.

    Sometimes when I first sign in to Gmail, I get the google error pages saying that Gmail requires cookies to be enabled. The 'Try again' link invariably then loads Gmail fine. My suspicion is that it could be performance related? Gmail sets a cookie at login then tries immediately to read it, but for some reason V isn't ready to send it back. Then after a second or two, it works fine.

    I'm on V1.3.501.6 (Developer Build) (64-bit) on Win8.1 Pro 64bit. This has been happening for the last 3 or 4 updates.

  • Spoke too soon. Now I'm stuck in an endless loop where Gmail thinks cookies are disabled, and the 'Try again' link just takes me back to the google sign-in page. Clearing the '' cookie and logging in worked.

  • And now I've just had this happen 5 times within an hour. Much worse than before, but only since I reported it here - conspiracy? 🙂

    In the end I had to clear all the 'google' cookies before I could get past a google error page which just said 'Invalid Request' on trying to log in to Gmail.

    One other data point - I have several tabs open on different google services - e.g. Gmail, Calendar, Drive. Once one of them breaks, the others follow suit, which I guess makes sense. Don't know if having multiple tabs open contributes to the problem? And I've only seen the error 'triggered' by doing things on the Gmail tab - but I do spend much more time on this one that the others, so it might mean nothing.

  • FWIW, I removed the MightyText browser extension and this behavior no longer occurs.


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