• I think pulling support for XP is a big bit mistake. 1) Half of India and more than half of China still use it. 2) Wine is XP based 3) I'm never going to upgrade past XP. Nothing later has a single feature XP doesn't have, and they're slower. I do understand the reason Vivaldi dropped it - a core component no longer supports XP - so what? Want is to fix it? I still use Opera 12 as it's the last one that worked properly and it still works better than the latest Chrome. Despite MS saying they don't support XP, it's a lie, updates and patches still come automatically. So, there's a huge number of machine that will/can/would use Vivaldi if we get past one minor problem with some componenet. PLease tell us what it is, maybe we can crowdsource support for XP on that component. It's worth doing in my opinion.

  • No they dont update and patch XP anymore! Windows XP is done. Its like wasting resources for an obsolete 14 years old OS.

  • It's because Chrome/Chromium dropped support for XP in their latest Chromium versions. So Vivaldi had to drop support for it too. It wouldn't be feasible for a small team to try to keep support for it independently right now, so I think you're stuck on Vivaldi 1.1 or whatever it was that was the last version to support XP.

  • There is a sticky thread just to avoid further XP discussions.

    Please read it, and post further question there.



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