Adblockers whitelist issues

  • Actually I'm not even sure if the problem is the extensions/the browser/the sites Happens on some stream sites and with different adblockers: ublock origin, adblock plus, adguard and fair stand. The adblockers itself are working fine, but if you try to whitelist some sites for support/using them, it might ask you to disable adblock. If you try an anti-adblocker combined with adblock list and tampermonkey script (it's well supported?), often it is ignored and the list is always shown as not present (however I don't like this combination too much as can mess with sites) edit [u]Seems to work only some times.[/u] Fun twist: When you load script in tampermonkey (suggested way) doesn't work, when you use native mode (unsupported - paste script in extensions), worked xD So I think maybe tampermonkey can break the adblocker... edit2 with the second 1.3 dev I don't see the issue 🙂

  • I can't whitelist pages neither with AdBlock nor with uBlock origin. 😞

  • do you have tampermonkey or extensions that can "break" the adblocker?


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