How can I adjust the size of speeddial thumbnails?

  • I'm running Vivaldi on a netbook with a 1024x600 display. There seems to be no way to adjust the size of the speeddial thumbnails. Mine are so large that I can only fit three columns on the screen. Since the left and right margins are large, if I try to use four or more columns the thumbs wrap to the next row. Moreover, there's only room enough for one and a half rows; I have to scroll down to make the entire second row visible. Setting a smaller size for the thumbs would easily solve the problem. Is this possible somehow? It would be even better, in fact, if Vivaldi could auto-scale the thumbs to fit according to the number of columns set by the user. [b]Correction:[/b] I can only get [b]two[/b] columns on the speeddial page. The thumbs are huge, and the left and right margins I was referring to are the page margins, not the margins around the thumbs. When I look at the start page settings, the sample thumbs displayed there are much smaller, and would fit nicely on my screen. The left and right page margins are still too big, however.

  • You might find that you can work with a lower UI scale than 100% (Settings, Appearance) on your low resolution monitor. I can just fit 6 columns on 1920 x 1080 @ 115% scaling. I look forward to more Speed Dial options too.

    Later, scaleable thumbnails and other options will surely come as they have often been requested.

  • Well, it helps get more columns on the start page, but reduces the UI font to the point that it is virtually unusable. I'm seeing now that the page margins I referred to are a major factor here. They gobble up so much space! The left and right page margins taken together are about the width of a thumbnail, and the spacing between the thumbnails could stand to be smaller, too.

    Anyway, thanks for your help. I'm looking forward to the addition of speeddial customization, but I can't work with such tiny fonts, so meanwhile I'm using a specific local page for new tabs, and starting the browser with that page, as well.

  • I've a problem with this too. Would be good if the size can can be adjusted just as one can zoom a webpage with Ctrl-mouse-scroll.

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