Crash on

  • Hi I just used Vivaldi 1.2.490 to order food on Vivaldi asked me two times if I will allow the site to display notifications. When I click yes or no does not matter Vivaldi just crashes.

  • Hi, I have no problems on the page but:
    I am on Linux
    I use 1.3.501.6 snapshot
    Also I don´t get the notification window.
    You can try the snapshot, both versions can run in parallel.

    Cheers, mib

  • I noticed this problem too - after submitting the order before being taken to (in my case) PayPal, Vivaldi asks if I want to allow notifications; clicking on "YES" makes Vivaldi crash. I just recall that I already had this problem some months ago on another site (unfortunately I don't remember anymore which one that was). The problem seems to arise if Vivaldi displays the message and at the same time loads a new page from another server in the background. Getting the notification dialogue while loading a new page from the same server or clicking very fast on the YES-button work just fine, so there must be some problem clicking YES for site A while actually Vivaldi already loads/displays site B.


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