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  • Hi, I've installed the latest version (1.2.490.39), yesterday and I'm surprised, that also in this version it still seems not to be possible to integrate the "Browser History"-function in the "Panels" pane (in addition to the default Notes, Downloads and Bookmarks). The new feature "Start Page" is certainly very nice and usefull but after one has set his preferred start page instead of the "Quick Select" page, the possibility to check "Browser History" on that page is lost. One has to go via the menu Tools - History. Question : is there a way to integrate the "Browser History"- function in the side panel (as described obove) ? As it was the case in Opera (per default ! ) Thanks in advance for any idea. Sabine

  • Try add panel vivaldi://history

  • Hello,

    it's possible to create a History side panel.
    Just click the + symbol on the side bar and type in chrome://history.
    You can do the same for example if you want to see the extensions in a side panel,
    to do this you can add the URL chrome://extensions.
    You just need the internal adress for the windows you want to see in the side panel.

  • But look how wasteful is the left border when History page is used in the side panel.


  • Moderator

    There's no formal History Panel yet.

    It's been much requested, so expect the developers to write the code for that option when they get a chance.

  • thank you very much too Ayespy.
    Nice to hear, that there is still hope :-). Otherwise Vivaldi is MUSIC !!



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