[Resolved] Cannot play videos on Daisuki.net

  • Hello, I can't play videos from the site daisuki.net with Windows version of Vivaldi (last build). Others browsers work fine and Linux version can play videos. Others sites like Youtube are OK. To reproduce : - Go to http://www.daisuki.net (no account needed) - Select an anime for playing a video (example : http://www.daisuki.net/fr/en/anime/watch.GUNDAMUNICORNRE0096.13285.html ) - Video should play in SD (for non registered, HD for registered users), possibly with ads a starting. I don't have errors or anything else, no addons activated, plugins are authorized.

  • Also works for me ( Ad followed by video / 360P ) in BOTH last versions (Flash PPAPI )

    Vivaldi 1.2.490.39 32bit
    Vivaldi 1.3.501.6 64bit

  • OK that's because my PPAPI Flah was outdated. As Vivaldi is the only chromium-based browser on my Windows PC I forgot this thing. (and didn't have any notification about it….)

    Thanks for your help !

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