Vivaldi Browser Became BUGGY

  • It doesn't always exit (several processes stay in memory) and you can't bring it back or run another instance. It is crashing for no apparent reason (x2), wasn't like that until now. Snapshot 1.3.501.6

  • Hi, can you please add your system specs?
    Can you reproduce crash?
    Make it easier to catch it.

    Cheers, mib

  • You might try move your old Vivaldi profile folder to the desktop (location of the profile file is shown on "About" page). Once you moved your folder to the desktop, you can start Vivaldi again and it should create a fresh profile. If it stops the crashing with the new
    profile, you should think about rebuilding your profile. See here:

  • Crashed again when selecting text to do a search online.

    Moving to 32-bit version, can I just copy the User Data\Default folder to the new location?

    My Default folder is 850 MB.

    But will continue using the 64-bit to see if turning off hardware acceleration made a difference (always turn off HW acceleration, not sure why it was on).

    Versions jumped from 1.2.490.32 to 1.3.501.6 (snapshots).

  • @liyin:

    Crashed again when selecting text to do a search online.

    Do you use Select Like A Boss?

  • @Sajadi:

    First, try to deactivate hardware acceleration from here: vivaldi://chrome/settings/search#a

    Also, please reinstall the browser after a clean deinstallation. Also, use the 32 Bit version as the 64 Bit version still has some bigger problems.

    Thank you for this! I was going crazy ever since I switched to a laptop full time, the browser was running like a slug until I did what you suggested.


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