Program rocker gestures to cycle Tabs

  • Please allow us to map rocker gestures, or add a function to cycle Tabs with rocker gestures. I would like to use the rocker gestures to cycle Tabs forwards and in back. This is the only browsing action that I cannot properly do at the moment with mouse gestures, because the mouse wheel scrolling for Tab selection is far to erratic and uncontrollable. (i.e. unusable) If the Tab cycle with the rocker gestures is possible, I would never need to move my mouse up to the Tab bar or the Address bar since I will then able to perform all actions via mouse gestures. You can also hide the "+" icon in the Tab bar because a mouse gesture-down already replaces that, and removing the "+" leaves more space free in the Tab bar.

  • +1
    I want it too for a different reason though. Devs are aware that some users would like to modify Rocker Gestures.

    Removing buttons from UI will also come. In the meantime you can hide it yourself with some css check this for more info.


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