Blocking Embedded Sound on Web Pages

  • Someone on another forum is having a rant about [url=]sites like this[/url] that play sound on loading. Not only is it an unwanted interruption, it's a major waste of bandwidth too. Opera 12.17 has "[url=]Play sound in web pages[/url]" disabled by default, and I cannot even see where to enable it. I made so many changes to my Opera GUI over the years, so I have it on my Quick Preferences menu, but it's not there on a new installation. [attachment=3752]DisableSound.png[/attachment] Does Vivaldi have a setting to disable sound in web pages? Attachments: [img][/img]

  • Is there no solution other than installing an extension like Mute Tab ?

  • I installed Mute Tab, but it does not seem to work. You can set it to mute all tabs ,but the tab with embedded sound still plays if closed and reopened.

    I have never had to face this problem in Opera. My default setting is not to play sound in web pages, and that's how it stays unless I want to test a page for some reason. I don't embed sounds in my own web pages, but it is anyone's right to do so if they wish to. Some sites may even benefit from it if it's done right.

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