Hi, I'm entusiastic, but there is a little problem

  • As the title, just a little problem. I funny you. Pss, sorry for my english! A message end you will find the question, if you want you can skip the following paragraph. Vivaldi is perfect, apart from an increased color customization, it intended for the various bars and sheets. in short, all the spaces. I found you today though perhaps already in the past I poked around in your site. it's just a few hours I've Vivaldi and is immediately love, moreover is also Italian like me (the author) and has a post all to himself! A real small revolution against the surrounding web world. Another thing could be the opening words of sounds, and also customizable, depending on certain functions. Some have certain needs. I no ones thankfully. Since I'm picky, I wish you personalizzasse thing becomes even more round. Very happy with everything, whether the story is the apparent open-source approach as the put DuckDuckGo Google's first (but because after Bing?). I wonder why this color, red, and this shade in particular. And because the white shaded windows and only to the right side, in the logo; the last evidently particular (and beautiful) stylization of the V. I think the CEO worships Vivaldi, or is it not? Is there a way to prevent that as soon as you create a new table with the right botton will you go to? Or, are you going to do this function? Oh anyway in case you want ideas and free help for some work chart, do me a whistle. Implemented other emoticons, here there is to bring out so much potential. :side:

  • Hi. Welcome.

    No although Opera and Vivaldi are both Italian words, the company Is Norwegian

    But I'm Italian and we have an Italian room as well

    Back to your question. The last snapshot is the first public one with theme support.

    Theming is still in diapers and will improve in the next weeks, following users's feedback and bug reports.

    But we have a vivaldi customization thread where you can share your questions, and ask for help about small mods and other graphical improvements

  • Yes I know that the company is norwegian.

    Anyway, thank you! And how we can take a feedback?

    Last, maybe I didn't understand you, but the first question is the possibility for the not-visualize-new-open-schedules.

  • @cellimar:

    Last, maybe I didn't understand you, but the first question is the possibility for the not-visualize-new-open-schedules.

    Do you mean a way to open new tabs in background?


    Middle button or ctrl+click like in Opera and any other modern browser.

    In vivaldi you can do that also using a gesture

  • thanks!


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