Vivaldi 1.3.501.6 Theme Changing With Tab?

  • I set my theme in Vivaldi to Dark (because it is much easier on my eyes) and it does this and all is well [img size=400][/img] however the second I go back into the browser it seems to forget my set theme [img size=400][/img] Is this a bug because I cannot find maintain theme despite website orientation

  • Moderator

    What's happening is that the preview window is not showing you the final colors that the theme is actually going to be. You have to experiment a little bit with the color picker on the three color options to get exactly what you want, plus make sure that you are correctly selecting whether you want accent color, and where.

  • Vavaldi doesn't forget the theme.

    After choosing the dark-theme (I use it too and without colors) you have to edit the theme and then you should change the color of "Accent". In addition you should disable (in the theme edit menu) the option "Accent Color from Active Page".

    After this, you should (if you want you can rename it) save this theme.

    This was my way and now I have a beautiful dark theme, without any colors!

    I hope I could help you. If you need more help I will make a few screenshots later this day.


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