Vivaldi Mail: divert mail from other accounts.

  • Users who are on My Opera forums are concerned about their email service. I see there are instructions for copying mail and contacts, but what about diverting incoming mail? There appears to be no facility for diverting mail from other accounts. This could be a problem with Opera mail as the servers will be wiped making a divert from opera mail impossible. As there is not really enough time for Opera mail users with 100s or 1000s of contacts to inform everyone can a virtual Opera mail server be set up, or perhaps an arrangement with Fastmail who I believe operate Opera mail? If a divert to Vivaldi Mail could be set up for say, a year, I'm sure many more My Opera users would come on here, as it's by far the best alternative to My Opera. :woohoo:

  • Vivaldi Team


    Opera Software controls the mail servers and '' domain. So without their co-operation forwarding mail to is not possible for us to facilitate. The only option is to move mail over as close to the time of that service being terminated as possible and then inform your contacts that you have a new e-mail address.

    In the meantime you can set up an rule in myopera mail which forward all mail to That will give your contacts some time to update their contact information for you and get used to your new a-mail address.

    I am sorry there's not much we can do about this other than offer you a high quality mail service which will serve you for many years to come.

  • It would be great if vivaldi mail could check mail from other accounts like operamail. Is this planned in future?

  • As Christian wrote you may forward or redirect your emails from other suppliers to and you may (not tested yet) create others idendities in Vivaldi webmail ( it is based on RoundCube so you just have to go to "settings" then "identity and create a new one ). It should work as if check email and write from @yahoo… The advantage is that you don't have to let your passwards in another server, the drawback is that in the header of email may appear "" but it won't appear in the body of the message. Make a test before jumping to this solution.

  • I don't have an option to auto redirect mail from my ISP email account.

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