Support for mouse cursor capture?

  • Any support for mouse cursor capture planned? So that something like , for example, can work properly. (Compare with Chrome, FF, etc.)

  • The snapshot changelog item "Setting for "Hide the mousecursor" does not disable (VB-23965)" reminded me again of this (although that changelog entry turned out to be an unrelated matter).

    Something I just noticed: In the javascript-based DOSBOX example in the first post, because Safari (up to 10) and EdgeHTML 12 (Edge <= 20.10536) do not support pointer lock, for those browsers DOSBOX falls back on a less ideal* mouse input method. That fallback doesn't work in Vivaldi, probably because Vivaldi actually incorrectly reports supporting requestPointerLock();. (If you go type into the DevTools console "Element.prototype.requestPointerLock" and hit enter, the console responds that a "function requestPointerLock() { [native code] }" exists. I'm reporting this incongruity to the bug submission form -- Vivaldi should not report to JS code feature it doesn't actually support.)


    * The fallback is that the outside cursor is made invisible but not corralled, with the consequence that the emulator loses the mouse input if the (temporarily invisible) normal system pointer strays outside the canvas boundaries. This can be even before the emulator's own internal cursor reaches an emulated screen edge, because the unemulated pointer's position doesn't necessarily match that of the emulated cursor.

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