Tab Stacking for Start Up?

  • Hey everyone, I am new to this web browser and have utilized many of it's new features. I feel is is far superior to both Chrome and Firefox. I work at a customer contact center and need to have a minimum of 9 default tabs open at a time for out various web based applications. My question is, from the Vivaldi web browser, it there any way to save my Tab Stacking for Start Up? I have my 9 URLs open on start up, but this quickly clutters my browser. Of course once the browser is up, I can organize these tabs. Any information would be helpful! Hopeful user

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    Simply stack or pin them and set Vivaldi to "open with last session." Or save them as a session you can open at any time.

  • Thank you for the response! The only issue I see with, "Open with last session" is that my pages may not be at their original address. That being said, if that is my best course of action, then who am I to complain after getting this awesome free web browser. In the future, it would be cool to see an option to save the Tab Stacking instead of just one web address. Thanks again!

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    Your solution is to start with just the start page tab, and then open a series of new tabs, each at the URL where you want to start. Then save this session.
    When you open your browser after that, you can always open this session.

    Optional solution: Set your browser to "open with specific pages." When you do, a new text box will pop up, and you can enter the URL of a page there. Then click the "add" button and add the next page, and so on. When you are done, then every time you open Vivaldi it will open to those URLs, only, regardless of what you have done in prior sessions.

  • Thank you again for the speedy reply. I have my browser set to specific pages. To clarify, I am looking for a way to save my stacked tabs, so that after I have them in order how I want them, upon restarting the browser, the tabs will still be stacked, and not as individual tabs. Opening with last session appears to be my best option so far. Let me know if you have any other tips for saving stacked tabs!

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    Nope. That's how to do it!


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