Tab Cycler should move selection frames instead of Tab Previews

  • Hi, I think that the Tab Cycler (Ctrl+Tab) should behave like the Alt+Tab in Windows or Cmd+Tab in OSX. That is: instead of (how it currently is) moving ALL tab preview pictures around when subsequently pressing Ctrl+Tab, it should keep the position of the tab preview pictures but just move the selection frame around. The current solution is quite hard to follow with the eyes B)

  • Which version are you using, and on which platform?

    Here, Vivaldi 1.2 Final on windows 64-bit works as you want: i.e. moving the selection frame.

  • Interesting, than it might be OSX specific.
    Running 1.2.490.39 on OSX.

  • Seems like a bug. With the very same version on my iMac, it behaves like expected (and like you described for windows), however on my macbook, the tab previes are scrolled instead of the selection frame, weird…

  • Please file a bug report using your Mac version if you haven't already done so.

  • Ok, filed one.

  • Weird, and now it suddenly changed on my iMac as well to moving the tab pics instead of the selection frame…

  • I have had this problem ever since installing pre v1, e.g. pictures move instead of the selector. It is very hard to follow. :(
    EDIT: This only happens when I use right-click + scroll wheel; when I switch tabs using Ctrl + Tab, it occurs as it shoud, e.g. the selector is moving, instead of tab previews. Weird!
    EDIT 20 minutes later: This just auto-fixed itself! Double-weird!
    EDIT the moment I submitted the last edit: The unwanted behavior is back! WTH is going on?!

  • @Zodius It depends on the number of opened tabs in one window. If their thumbnails don't fit within the tab cycler, it will cycle the thumbnails, but once you close enough tabs to fit their thumbnails in tab cycler on the screen (for me it's 8 tabs on Full HD display), it will move the selection instead of the thumbnails.

  • @pafflick D-Oh!

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