Vivaldi, Opera, Otter, Arch Linux

  • Hi everyone, Just wanted to say that I've been using Opera since the 90s and finally gave it up for good last month. I was quite sad about it. The spirit that Opera had was lost in it's upgrade to the Blink engine and I no longer felt empowered using it - I felt like a victim when I couldn't remove Google from the list of search engines or when it's advertising bookmarks kept showing up despite always deleting them. I was following the Otter browser for a while and they are doing a really really excellent job as well: I just wanted to say hello and a shoutout to everybody who has contributed to the Vivaldi AUR PKGBUILDs: and - you guys have made it convenient getting Vivaldi running and kept updated on Arch for me. A small request: I'm not a fan of icons. Opera had the option of 'icon with text to the right' for the panels in the sidebar. I'd love to get some text in there. Thanks all, Luke


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