Zoom issue with multiple windows (can't zoom separately)

  • So let's assume you have two windows open. Both have a youtube video playing. You try to zoom in one video but when you try to do that both windows are zoomed in. There is no way to zoom two opened windows separately. You can't make one bigger and another smaller. You can only make both bigger or smaller. This is annoying if you want to watch some sports broadcasts with multiple streams for example. I saw there were some zoom updates in the last update but it was sad to see this was not addressed. Also would it be possible to make the bottom right side zoom slider usable with mouse wheel scrolling? Now you need to click it and it is tiny. Also the location of the slider is an issue for me. I've set my windows taskbar to auto-hide so it appears only when I move my mouse cursor to the bottom of my screen. Same place where the zoom slider is so half of the time when I try to reset zoom or zoom in/out I move the mouse cursor too low and get windows task bar pop up instead. I know control+mousescroll can be used for zooming but I have wireless mouse and I don't always have keyboard at my reach. If the zoom slider worked with mouse scroll wheel and was placed next to the trashbin for example I'd be happy.


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