I'm a Chinese user (我是中文使用者)

  • Hi, I'm a new vivaldi browser user,and I'm also a Chinese user. Sorry,I think my English communicate ability is so bad,but I'll try to report my opinion with this forum :) Ok, I have some problem here : First, I don't have a suitable language choose , I think I can as mush as possible translated into Chinese :cheer: In addition, a lot of people want to use a privacy way to surf the Internet ,so we need to create a privacy mode,I think this function will be created quickly. Now,I still use this browser,and I'll find other problem and report to the Vivaldi's team. Thanks Everyone. If you find my grammer or word errors,please be sure to tell me ,thanks !!

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  • 能说说这个站的来历还有CS是谁吗

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    这个站的前身是Opera中国的官方论坛(bbs.operachina.com),站长CS(Csineneo)至今仍是Opera中国的员工。不知什么原因官方决定关站了,于是CS就把论坛迁到了个人空间,域名是 http://opera.pub ,用户和论坛数据库都原封不动带过去了。论坛的Title曾经就是“Opera死忠论坛”!
    1月27号Vivaldi发布后,我给CS提了个建议,半小时后,Vivaldi.club 域名发布。

  • 原来如此,多谢!
    希望Vivaldi尽快进入正式版啊,目前Opera Presto和Opera Blink都用得不爽。

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