Vivaldi 1.2 - Stable - Ready to make your own mouse gestures? Now you can

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    [quote=tatsuki][size=4]Mouse gestures have been one of our most popular features since we launched the very first TP of Vivaldi last year. So how can we make them even better? By letting you make your own.[/size] [center][url=][u]Download Vivaldi 1.2[/u][/center] [i] Today we launched Vivaldi 1.2, with custom mouse gestures. Simply draw the shape, add some other touches, and – presto! – [b]you have your very own mouse gesture[/b]. Check it out below! But we didn't stop there. Zoom is also one of our most popular features, particularly for accessibility. Now you can set [b]the zoom level for each tab[/b], and we expanded the zoom range. It now runs from 20% to 500%. Happy browsing. We also added a new Tabs Page setting, which lets users select any web page at the starting point of a new tab. And, new shortcuts also let users close multiple tabs at once, or apply any command to a selected group of tabs. [b]Catalan[/b] is our new language for this update, so Vivaldi now speaks 52 languages total. If you want to know more, the full [url=][color=red]Vivaldi 1.2 changelog is here[/color][/url] or download the Vivaldi browser from [url=][color=red][/color][/url] We hope you try Vivaldi 1.2 today, and let us know what you think in the comments. Thanks again for being part of Vivaldi and helping us make the best browser for you.

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    gostei, e muito!

    ps: e um dia depois depois do lançamento da stable já tem snapshot disponível da 1.3 para teste.


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