Pinning tabs

  • Every new update is resetting my pinned tabs - anyone else having this issue?

  • Moderator


    Do you have any sort of tab-handling extension?

  • If by "resetting" you mean unpinning, then for me = no. If that's not what you meant, pls provide further info.

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    I may not have given enough thought to what that comment meant. "Resetting" is not a meaningful term as concerns pinned tabs. It could be interpreted many ways, including to remove them on re-start (which is the conclusion I immediately jumped to - ie, that they weren't there when the browser was opened) OR, it could mean that even to the user wants to start with home page only, for instance, that the pinned tabs keeps showing up - ie, being "re-set" which, of course is the whole POINT of pinned tabs - that they never go away. The solution to that would be to unpin all tabs prior to closing the browser.


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