Facebook Video Don`t Play After Last Update

  • When I am logged into my Facebook account, the videos do not play. When I try without make a login on my account, the videos play correctly without any issue. There is a bug or is happening just with me? Thanks in advance! :) Version: 1.2.490.32 (Versão do desenvolvedor) 64 bits Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/69661/SS.jpg[/img]

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    So far, yours is the only comment I've seen like this. I, personally, don't have the problem.

  • I have the same problem. Black screen with voice in the background. I can see the video, but when I click 'start' the screen goes black.

  • I have updated my userstyle`s theme and the videos are playing normally again.

    I`ll keep seeing if the problem will occur again.

    Cheers!… ;)

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