The Beauty of Tiling Tabs

  • This is a great function. I can watch all three maps at once, two directly related: [attachment=3732]TABTILINGcompressed.jpg[/attachment] All three maps are live and the tabs just as active as when standing alone. I'd like to be able to size the tiles appropriately for the map dimensions because that's all I'm interested in. I think this will be a great feature because I can have a road map, GIS/tax assessors, and deeds open all together, side by side, as I do research instead of multiple windows open or flipping between tabs. Attachments: [img][/img]

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    Yes, Tab Tiling is a great feature, and resizing is a frequent feature request.

    A workaround that might help is to tile a fourth tab with your group, then close it.

  • I love Vivaldi browser – love love love it. There were two innovative functions whose benefit initially escaped me; Web Panels, & Tab Tiling. Once i cottoned on to how amazingly handy & efficient they are re my workflow, both became yet another very heavily used [& valued] feature for me, together with Tab Stacking, Customisable UI, Multiple Speeddials, Notes Panel, Mouse Gestures et al.

    I came to V in Feb 2015 after my Opera 20.x or 30.x (i can't now recall what they were up to back then] disgruntlement tipped over the edge & some kind soul in the forums there mentioned this new alternative called Vivaldi. I was like a pig in shit, so happy to discover it. Despite having long given up on new Opera [but i still have 12.16 installed & fire it up admiringly sometimes], i still have not been able to bring myself to actually uninstall it & remove its PPA from my Update Manager. Consequently i still keep getting all its Dev updates, such as another this morning. Out of curiosity after this latest update i launched it to see if they've come back to their senses yet. Given that i like my V UI @ 75%, when Opera launched at its mandatory 100% it almost knocked me back in my seat! Then as i explored its Settings & Flags, revisited a few sites, noted the sharp contrast with all the V things it cannot do, i said to myself… thank goodness [& Jon] for Vivaldi.

    Sorry cpvivaldi, i've inadvertently hijacked your thread with my love-letter. Whoops!

    Linux Mint x64 17.3 KDE.

  • You can solve partly using one of the maps as a webpanel.

    The divider from wepanels is moveable.


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