Ctrl-B and Backspace key handling

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Example 1: While writing an e-mail in Outlook 365 or entering this post on this forum, I use Ctrl-B to Emphasize text. Bold style is applied alright, but Vivaldi also opens the Bookmarks page. Example 2: On some javascript-based maths exercise site, while entering an expression, I use Backspace because I want to correct a part of my entry. The Backspace is applied in the entry field, but at the same time Vivaldi thinks: Hey backspace, let's go back to the previous page. VERY Annoying, because now I've lost my complete entry al together. These two examples have a common denominator: (rich) text entry field Vs. web browsing key strokes. Is it possible to distinguish that the user is actively entering/editing text in a rich text entry field and suppress these shortcut keystrokes related to web browsing?

  • Moderator

    Known issues. For now, edit the shortcuts, e.g. Ctrl + Shift + B for bookmarks, or just delete those that you don't need in Settings, Keyboard. Mouse Gestures can be used instead too.


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