Evernote Web Clipper opening in the wrong window

  • Hello everyone, I'm recently using the Vivaldi, I love it, but exits something that I need to resolve or I'll back to Firefox. I installed the Evernote Web Clipper, no problem at all. Everything work fine when Im working only in one open window (no matter how many tabs are open). But Vivaldis is for professional use and I'm an internet professional user, therefore, I'm working with many desktops using mutiples windows of Vivaldi open and each window containing a lot of tabs opened too and I started observing that when I click in the Evernote web clipper it turn on blue color but nothing happens.... then I discovered that the function of the Evernote Web Clipper is working, very well, but in another window, in another tab!!! To test the bug (apparently) I opened 3 windows, in the same desktop, with 3 different web pages in each one of them. And I started to use Web Clipper...then... the weird thing happened.... when I click the Evernote Web Clipper in one window, the Evernote process start working in another window with another web page and not with the current window where I want to save the article or link in Evernote. I'll appreciate any comment or suggestion to discover how to resolve this weird behaviour, Thanks in advance. Kind Regards, Felipe.

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    Try with the lastest Snapshot, and if it still happens, Submit a Bug Report.

    Vivaldi is still in it's early stages, and there's plenty of bugs still to fix.

  • Hello!

    Thank you by the answer.
    I'll follow your suggestions.

    Kind Regards,


  • Hello,

    I would like to share the following:

    Today I did update to version: 1.2.490.43 () 32 bits
    And, the problem with Evernote Web Clipper - apparently - it's now resolved. I did the same test mentioned above in my first post and now "no weird situation" is happening.

    Before this update I had installed (first time): 1.2.490.39

    The only strange thing - because I don't remember exactly, therefore, I'm not sure, it's that the .43 version now it's 32 bits, and I think that originally in the version .39 it was 64 bit. I'm not sure, but if I'm right, why the update that appeared when I opened the browser, it downloaded a 32bits version and not a 64bits version?

    I'm sharing this informations only for the record, considering that it could be helpfull for someone else.

    Best Regards,


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