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  • Hi! I've been using Vivaldi for a couple of weeks now and I'm very happy with it. Very customizable, lots of options and features (a couple of very familiar ones that I know from a certain browser that I used quite some time ago) ;), and very fast. I was wondering if there's a list somewhere of feature requests? I have seen this thread: but I guess it'd be easier to have a list instead of a thread over 100 pages long. 🙂 I mean, the chance that I'd post a suggestion there that's already been made, is pretty big. Maybe it'd be an idea to keep updating the top post in that thread? It might also be nice to know if the developers are aware of the feature requests and how high a certain feature request is on their priority list. Also, I noticed there's a bug list somewhere, as I have seen people referring to "VB-####". I was wondering where this list is and if it'd be possible for everyone to submit bugs. Thanks for reading and maybe answering my questions. I'll dive back into the forum and see if there are even more tips and tricks to find... 🙂

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    Feature Requests and Bugs are submitted via the Bug Report wizard

    Just start a new thread in the appropriate forum (Windows, Linux, Mac) to report a bug before submitting it and someone will soon tell you. They can also check whether it is a bug, or suggest improvements to feature requests before they get submitted.

    There is no bug tracker or list of feature requests. I think they have all been made by now.

    Also no priority is announced. Bugs are fixed and features are implemented when they are ready. Sometimes, Gwen or others who have internal access will let us know what is coming soon.

  • Welcome to the vivaldi community 😉

    Don't worry about posting a duplicate request, the purpose of that thread will be accomplished anyway, as we and the devs will keep an eye on them

    About VB-XXXX, who post a bug receives an email about the bug posted, which include the relevant bug number.

    There isn't a public access to the bug tracker, but sometimes I add the bug number to threads started about an already known bug

  • Regarding the feature request thread - see

    The "bug list" is internal to Vivaldi and not visible to us users.
    However, anyone can report a bug at
    (Same report can be used for Feature Requests).

    When you submit a report or feature request, you will receive an email reply with the assigned VB number.
    Hopefully, if you have a thread about the issue, you will then add the VB number to that thread 😎

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    Why is it that you spend half an hour waiting for a bus, then three come along at once? :unsure:

  • Thank you all, for your kind answers!
    I guess I'll just 'second' requests that I have, and have already been posted by others (f.i. 'more than 6 speed dial columns', I have seen quite some requests for that). 🙂
    That way it might show that more people like a certain idea.


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