White screen | won't start

  • Hello I have occasional problems. Sometimes when I want to run vivaldi nothing happens. Backroud process are running but nothing won't show. It showed me whole white window in few cases. Restart, process kill, nothing changed but after 10-30 minutes it start up like 30 windows. W10 x64 Just now it started after I clicked to open something in default browser. http://prntscr.com/bamivb http://prntscr.com/bamlvb

  • Hello.

    Same problem here ; after some investigations, one tab URL had an encoded character (%E9) which prevents Vivaldi to load correctly the concerned tab, and instead display a white screen.

    To work around (Windows 8.1) :

    1. Launch Vivaldi and the white screen appears.
    2. Right click on the taskbar vivaldi icon and start a new page, that should display normally.
    3. If you can, get rid of the tab with URL with incorrect character.

  • snapshot 1.10 fixed the bad behaviour with encoded urls with chars > %7f


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