What browser do you use and why?

  • I'm primarily using Opera 12. I like to have everything in one Application. I use mail/chat as well :-) Obviously I'm kinda biased.. but well :whistle:

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    Opera 12.15. Because I need mail client, notes, and many other small but powerful features :)

  • Using Chrome. After Opera dropped the email and everything else, I decided to switch to Chrome + Thunderbird.

  • I've been using Chrome for about a year or so and I like it fine. Used to be a big Opera user, but Chrome is on my laptop and at work. It just got to be more convenient. Plus it has a Tetris extension that I can't quit playing.

  • I upgraded Opera on my main workstation because I prefer the new, separate Opera mailer in any case. Without Link working I did not see much reason to go on using Opera 12 at the time. I use Chrome for some (many) sites, and have IE as default to use for one-off sites and to listen to Norwegian radio (the NRK player does not work well in Opera).

  • I'm using Opera 12 and sometimes Firefox Nightly UX. In the future, I will move on Firefox. I hate Chrome.

  • I primarily use Chromium. It's fast, works well and offers extensions I like to use.

    P.S. I need a browser with a built in e-mail client! As of now Chrome with Gmail integration is as close as it gets like now.

  • Since a Web browser is not that important for me, as it was 5, 10 or 15 years ago, I had no problem with switching to Chromium based Opera. I use the Stable stream (and sometimes run Next and Developer builds just for Opera localization purposes - to see the new strings in action).

    I still have Opera 12 on my disk, but I use it rarely. As it comes to e-mail, I've switched to the separate Opera Mail client. It sucks a bit, but I do not need much nowadays ;) (Well, I miss Opera Mail search and filtering capabilities at my work, where I have to use Outlook).

    And… I do not need to use Chrome as my secondary browser anymore :D

  • I use both Opera 12 and chromium based Opera Next. As a web developer I can't stick with O12 because I need and want to work with newest standards so lately I use Chromium Opera most of the time, but I still do miss dozens of features I got used to in presto Opera.

  • Not that many IE users here :silly:

  • Not that many users at all :evil:

  • Opera 12.16, but I prepare to switch to Firefox. It's slow but at least deeply extensible and customizable. The Chrome is faster but much more memory hog and it's still a barebone rendering engine with a few "features".

    Apart from the lack of many features the memory requirements the second big reason why not use Chrome. Because I open many tabs at once and I highly customize my browser. In Chrome if I install 60-70 extensions (most of Opera 12 features I can't replace) it eats 1-1,5 GB of RAM with one tab which is about:memory

    When I open 50+ tabs I need at least 8 GB only for browsing. But I only have 2 GB in all.

  • I am using new Opera nowadays with OM. Mine is mostyl to test for browser but of course I miss 12x series.

  • 11.64 because I still use Unite and Widgets for some things, 12.16 with the latest Dragonfly linked from the HDD, a s**tload of custom buttons and userJS and several additional panels as main workhorse for surfing and development, mail and chat, IE11 and a ton of other browsers - most of them in their cutting edge version - to test things.

    I'd like to have a combination of the best features of all browsers :lol:

  • Yes it was the best series in opera and nice buld 11.64. Sometimes I use as well :)

  • I use Opera 12 in Linux, and Chromium Opera on Windows. In past, I love Opera because of its features and vision for the Web, but now I don't like any browser. I use them because I have to use it. I don't have any other pretty option. :)

  • Opera 12! "The new Opera"™ is getting better, but I like my integrated mail experience!

  • Opera 11 at home and Opera 12.16 at work. My Opera 11 works fine, and I don't need some more problems with update to last version. On phone using Opera Mini, still better than Mobile, but some pages with JavaScript open in Chrome - in Android 4.4 it works faster and better than mobile

  • I use Opera Next as my main browser. I don't mind the separate mail client, starts up faster now (also because I'm not having a few gigabytes of Opera work mail anymore…), but it's a shame the separate client wasn't polished a bit more.

  • Yea, especially OM is really need some polish more. I am not sure but it seems they will not make more improvement as a long time…

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