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  • i am going to format my computer . since there is no sync i need to backup manually can anyone tell the directories witch i need to backup in order to restore the installation on the new system ? using windows 10 at the moment but will downgrade to windows 7

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    Least fraught (though a big bite of data) is to back up Vivaldi/User Data/Default

  • However, note that stored passwords are saved in a way which is specific to a given user account in a given Windows instance. If you move the "Login data" file to a different computer, or even to a different user account on the same computer, Vivaldi won't be able to decrypt the passwords stored there. This is a flaw (or "design decision", if you like - I call it a flaw, though) in all Chrome-family browsers that I know of. If you want to keep your saved passwords, you need to export the password data into a account-independent file and then import it back to the new empty "Login data" file. My utility ChromePass can do that. - binary - source code

  • thanks for the info

  • thx for the info and for that tool!

    is it the same or based on this free tool by NirSoft with the same name?

    NirSoft has a free all-in-one tool named "WebBrowserPassView" which is abled to recover/backup the passwords/login data from other browsers too.



  • @sUsH667:

    is it the same or based on this free tool by NirSoft with the same name?


  • thx for clarification and keep up the good work!

    does anyone know if and how it is possible to backup my vivaldi user profile from stable and restore it in the latest snapshot installed on the same machine? i know how to backup my user profile, just want to know if it is possible to restore and use it with latest snapshot or if it will throw errors and problems.

    greetz n thx,


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    Simply copy the Default folder from stable to snapshot, replacing the items in the target folder.

    It shouldn't mess up anything in the snapshot, with the possible exception of the widevine fix. If it does affect that fix, and if you use the widevine plugin, then simply run the snapshot installer over the top of the snapshot again.

  • just wanted to add that the tool from pepak16 can backup AND restore while the tools from NirSoft "only" do backups, so thx again to pepak16 for his tool! :)

  • NP. I always figured that restoring is an important part of backing up :-)

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