Minor Bugs

  • I've noticed some minor bugs - but since this is in technical review can't expect to run a marathon from the get go. It will work fine with some news channels and wont with some. Works better using my VPN than Chrome does while using a VPN. I haven't tried Real Player to see it is compatible with Vivaldi yet. I had mentioned yesterday about importing from another browser, I noticed that if you click the v in the bock in the upper left corner you can get the toolbar just like in Mozilla and Chrome and yes IE. Importing from Mozilia worked flawlessly. If you have Windows 8.1 you should have the current Java version, but Vivaldi as well as Chrome you will need to download Java for some programs and/or web sites to work. Windows 10 wont have IE as the pre installed browser (default) so guess Microsoft is feeling pressure from the EU on their browser. I've used this browser since it became available the public on a scale of 1-10 I would rate it a 7.95 right now. Kudos to the development team - job well done. Once the browser is out of the alpha and beta testing, I predict this will become a premier browser and will take a lot of customers away from Microsoft. 😎 David


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