Bookmarks not working since previous snapshot.

  • Hi community. I have installed latest snapshot with the hope of having bookmarks button fixed. When I press it, no bookmark is added, nothing happens---> [url=]Example[/url] I go to (Ctrl-B) bookmarks screen to validate that there is no new bookmar added. At the other hand, when you try to erase a folder or individual bookmark, the page won't refresh, so the bookmarks seem to still be there, until you close the bookmark page and reopen it, then you can see the erasing was succesful. If you guys know a way to add bookrmarks it would be so nice. Thanks and have an excelent week!

  • Sounds like your profile is messed up.
    Reset Profile

  • @TbGbe:

    Sounds like your profile is messed up.
    Reset Profile

    Thanks for kind response. I did what you sugested and nothing changed, still not able to add new bookmarks by pressing the default bookmark button at the top of the browser. Is there other way to add bookmarks? (I'm thinking on the universal Ctrl-D provided by Firefox which auto opens a little bookmark window). Thanks guys!

    EDIT: Ctrl+D is doing ANYTHING nether.

  • Just to be clear:-
    You closed vivaldi
    You renamed the profile (from DEFAULT)
    You restarted Vivaldi which created a new profile - BUT
    a) still cannot use Bookmark icon in URL
    b) Ctrl+D does nothing

    Even BEFORE you copied files to this new profile?
    Sounds like you may need to re-download and reinstall but first, can you give full details - what is your OS and exact Vivaldi version including 32 or 64 bit (see Help/About)


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