Suggestions for developers: Real-time synchronization + Portable version + Bookmarks style Opera 12

  • Three suggestions for developers: Those who choose Opera once, and now Vivaldi, use a web browser as a tool for work and research, and we require much more than a common user. This requirement stems from more profound specific needs that only the flexibility to customize the look: We need to save time, organize work, and generally substantial related information. 1) Real-time synchronization Maxthon uses a "user account" that records all settings and browser history on a company server. (Chrome as well, but stores and synchronizes least aspects). When browsers are installed on other computers, simply log on to provide customization, bookmarks, passwords, etc. Some question the privacy. Achieved with no login, with not using this facility, or do it with other users, to skip this itch. The advanced user and professional, often use multiple computers. Synced in real time by a user, the changes we are making will be available in the next team meeting where we start. 2) Portable version Almost all we use a flash drive or an external drive, as main auxiliary of our work. In it we carry wherever we go, utilities and information that enable our task. It should be easy to upgrade without losing the customization, just copy over the latest version. an option that allows more than one instance of the program would be desirable. It could be a subordinate hierarchy or synchronize different aspects, such as browsing history. The latest is keeping close synchronization. 3) Bookmarks style Opera 12 Opera, what I miss most are the markers, which opened above the foreground. There were no other equal. It would be desirable contains editing facilities markers found in Vivaldi. Thanks for Vivaldi and your work. Thanks your attention. Kind regards from Argentina.


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