What's with all the regression bugs?

  • I've noticed recent releases have had lots of [Regression] bugs fixed in them. In my experience, regression bugs normally indicate a problem with the source code management system, as really it shouldn't be possible to accidentally reintroduce an old bug that has been fixed. Has there been some kind of problem with the development environment?

  • Moderator

    The development environment includes Chromium, which changes every couple of weeks, often breaking features that were working fine when built on top of a prior version. At the moment, developers are pushing hard to get final version 1.2 released, which includes running down regressions introduced by Chromium changes (and I'm sure a few in-house code changes) and cleaning them up. In releasing a "stable" version, it's important to be on top of the most recent, most secure, Chromium at the time of release.


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