Find in page too long to take focus

  • One of my most common use of the "find in page" feature is to do a quick: cmd+c , cmd+f, cmd+v This allows me to do a quick find selection in page. This works great on all browsers except Vivaldi. The issue is that the find in page input takes to long to focus so the "cmd+v" wont get registered inside it and the text wont get inserted. It very easy to reproduce, at least on OSX (where i use it). Would love to see this fixed. Thanks

  • Bump!

    Is anyone looking at this? This is a real …

    And it s a real bug. For example select any text in a page. Do CMD+C and CMD+F and CMD+V in a quick manner (as you would always do) and the search field does not get filled.

    Please look at this. The find in page search field really need fixing (see this too)



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